-3 cups of cooked #SumoRice
-6 prawns
-6 smoked salmon fillets
-1 fried egg
-2 tbs. fish eggs (roe)
-2 tbs. sea grapes
-½ tbs. black sesame seeds
-6 thinly sliced pieces of cucumber
-Donuts mould (6 donuts holes)

1. Place cling wrap sheet over the base of the donuts’ mould. Divide the rice into the 6 donut moulds evenly (about ½ cup each) and press them into the shape of a donut.
2. Remove the rice out of the donut moulds. Place the donut-shaped sushi rice onto a plate and take the cling wrap off the rice.
3. Decorate with prawn, salmon, egg, cucumber, and top with fish egg (roe), and black sesame seeds.