Half cup of Rice (short grain is a must)

2 cups and half of Milk


2 Tb and half of Corn starch

Rose water or blossom water

3 Tb granulated Sugar (Or as desired)

Mustic ( A small piece or teaspoon of powder)


Soak the rice in hot water an hour before

Add rose water to dissolve the corn starch and set aside.

Heat water, the amount should cover the rice completely in the pot.

Heat a large pot, add hot water, and rice on a medium heat. Let the rice cook until its very very soft.

Add the milk, stir occasionally so the pudding wont stick to the pot.

before its done, add the cornstarch and stir well.

Serve it cold in a cups or plates.

Add your favorite toppings


I didn’t have the Mustic powder on hand, so I didn’t use. You can still make this recipes, but it gives the pudding a unique flavor

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