What You’ll Need

How to Make It

  1. Use a dinner-size plate or platter with a lip, so that they oil and vinegar do not spill over the side.
  2. If using bell peppers: Remove seeds from the roasted peppers, if any. Cut each pepper in four pieces and lay on a dinner plate or platter.
  3. If using piquillo peppers: Since these are small peppers (about 3-3.5 inches long), they are already the right size for individual servings. So, drain whole piquillo peppers and arrange them around the plate or platter.
  1. Peel and mince garlic cloves. Place minced garlic in a small bowl and pour in a few tablespoons each of vinegar and oil. Whisk and carefully pour over the peppers.
  2. Serve with slices of rustic bread as a tapa or as a side dish with a meal. These peppers go well with a main course ​of grilled meat or fish.

Note on Peppers: If whole roasted peppers are not available in your supermarket, or if you prefer freshly roasted peppers, you must first roast the red bell peppers, peel, and de-seed them. Follow these simple instructions for How to Roast Peppers. Peppers can be roasted in the oven or over a BBQ grill.

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