• 1 set yubuchobap kit (available from a Korean grocery store)
  • 1 cup steamed short grain rice
  • 30 g broccoli florets (1 ounce), steamed and finely chopped
  • 1 egg scrambled
  • 2 Tbsp Korean spicy tuna


  1. Put the rice into a large bowl. Add the sushi vinegar and rice seasoning onto the rice. (These are from the yubuchobap kit and it is already portioned.) Mix them well with a spatula.
  2. Divide the rice (from step 1) amongst three bowl. Add the broccoli, egg and spicy tuna into these bowl. Mix them well with the rice.
  3. Lightly squeeze the fried bean curd to remove excess seasoning sauce. Open it up with your hands and using a tea spoon, fill it with the seasoned rice. Repeat this with remaining ingredients. Serve. (It can be served warm or cold.)